Green Policy

Carbon offsetting together

While we continue to implement positive changes in the way in which our company operates, we will always be bound by the limitations of technology and the inevitable need to transport our wine all over the world from its home in Spain. Faced with this reality, we offer the next best thing: the offsetting of all remaining carbon emissions.

Tree AppealCarbon footprint approved

This is achieved through our investment in special emission reduction projects which began with the planting of native British trees across the UK in association with carbon footprint™ and Tree Appeal. This partnership continues to allow us to remove even more CO 2 from the environment than we produce in making and transporting our wines.

Green TreesOffsetting began in 2007 and our first project was to plant 45 broad-leaved trees with a little help from Bill Oddie and, for anyone who's interested, there's a copy of our certificate with a shot of Bill's smiley face available for download here:

Carbon Emissions Offset Certificate

CO2 Carbon Footprint Calculator

Simply by selecting Artiga wines, you have already taken a big step towards reducing your carbon footprint and minimising your impact on the environment - nice work!

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To calculate your personal carbon footprint and for more information on what this means, please click on the link below. This will take you to the site of our partners at Carbon Footprint™, where you can calculate the amount of carbon dioxide you produce each year, based on your household fuel bills and annual travel.

Carbon Footprint Calculator