Martí has been involved in sourcing Spanish wines ever since returning to his native country in 1995, following several years cutting his teeth as head sommelier of New York’s highly-acclaimed “Aureole” restaurant. The close partnerships he fostered with some of Spain’s most renowned wine-makers have enabled Artiga Fustel to source the very best of the country’s indigenous grapes, producing wines of the highest quality in state-of-the-art facilities, all of which boast the latest ISO certificate for quality excellence.

However, for Artiga Fustel the wine-making process begins long before the grapes are picked, with in-depth and highly-focussed research into consumer profiles and behavioural trends within each target market.  Despite our experience in this field, we do not claim to know our markets better than our import partners and have found a collaborative approach to research and development has brought us closer to meeting the needs of the increasingly demanding modern wine consumer.  

This market-lead approach is highlighted in the nature of our wines, which combine fruit-driven accessibility with original, elegant, instantly-recognisable and consumer-friendly packaging that goes some way towards de-mystifying a sometimes overwhelming category.

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