Our environment plan

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As we all know, the plight of our planet and its deteriorating state of health are a direct result of human activity (some may still argue otherwise, but they'd be wrong).


However, despite the fact that most of us are aware of the principal causes and consequences of issues such as climate change, it could be argued that we have a reputation in Europe for being somewhat apathetic in our response. It is only fair to acknowledge the fact that many Europeans lead their lives in an exemplary fashion, but can we all claim to be making significant lifestyle changes for the better?

As a growing company, producing over a million bottles of wine per year, we recognise the fact that over the course of just one year, we are accountable for far more harmful greenhouse gases than any household or field of cows could expect to produce in a whole lifetime.

Woods and forests

This is why we take our responsibility extremely seriously and have already taken a series of steps to reduce emissions and minimise our impact on climate change. All these measures are detailed in our artiga environment plan, a copy of which is available for download here:

"artiga environment plan"