La Bella Garnacha

LA BELLA hails from our stunning old gnarled bush vines in the heart of D.O. Campo de Borja. In order to produce just 6,000 bottles and 150 magnums, we only picked grapes from our oldest and lowest-yielding vines, from a small parcel just outside the town of Borja. These vines have evolved to endure and thrive in extreme climatic conditions, whereby the ferocious heat of summer gives way to a fiercely cold winter, famed for the bitter north wind, known locally as El Cierzo. The vines’ struggle is character-building and leads to great complexity, depth and beauty. In fact, our native Garnacha vines are so well adapted to the local conditions that the region is known as “The Empire of Garnacha” and it can claim to be the rightful home of this internationally-renowned grape.



Denominación de Origen (D.O.) Campo de Borja


100% Old Vines Garnacha (up to 100-year-old vines)